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9 Musicians comedians singers craftsmen and inventors

… 40 years on! This really is a record for a band that has not followed the traditional pathway, a band whose core aim has always been to strike a balance between street art and stage-show, providing a steady, skilfully-blended stream  of music, poetry and humour.

Nine musicians, comedians, singers, all playing a variety of different instruments some traditional, some used in unconventional and imaginative ways and some of which are pure invention. Their art has taken them into the realms of traditional Beaux Arts brass band music, recycled punk, hybrid musette/funk rock  and into art involving a hotchpotch of musical objects.

Zic Zazou presents the UK premiere of ALL EYES AND EARS (L’OEIL ET L’OREILLE)

French Institute of Scotland, West Parliament Square, EH1 1RF (v. 168)

16-26 August 2024 (not 21), 18.15 (75mins)

All Eyes and Ears Official Teaser Fringe 2024

Former Herald Angel winners for the Zic Zazou company’s Brocante Sonore, two founding members of the ensemble return with a brand new show, All Eyes and Ears (L’Oeil et L’Oreille). Actors and multi-instrumentalists Jean-François Hoël and Hervé Mabille team up with filmmaker Christine François to investigate the mysterious, powerful relationship between music and cinema.

Performing live on a wide variety of musical instruments, both traditional and bizarre (like the sax-watering can and the wooden crate harp), Hoël and Mabille demonstrate how music creates mood, tension and atmosphere as they accompany and appear in François’ custom-made films. Perceptions of scenarios – romantic situations, pursuits, manga and musical comedy, to name a few – are altered by varying musical arrangements. Audiences will come away from this playful, gently humorous show, not only amused and entertained, but with a new perspective on the power of music.   

Established in 1997, the Zic Zazou company has become a byword for its musical humour and ingenious instruments in its native France. Its latest production, All Eyes and Ears (L’Oeil et L’Oreille), received its premiere at the Centre Culturel Départemental Abbaye de Saint-Riquier in January 2023 and appeared at last year’s Avignon and Guilin (China) festivals.

This show will be presented in French with English surtitles.

16-26 August 2024 (not 21), 18.15 (75m), French Institute of Scotland, West Parliament Square, EH1 1RF (v. 168). Tickets: £12, concs £10, family £32. Box Office: 0131 226 0000 www.edfringe.com


The Zic Zazou created Ze End, the last full performance after a 40-year career on June 9 and 10, 2022 at the Maison de la Culture in Amiens!



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