Press report about ZIC ZAZOU 's performance in The Fringe Festival of Edinburgh
The group received an Herald Angel
Was nominated for Total Theatre Awards
Was filmed by BBC 2 for "Culture Magazine"
Some press

Sparks fly, literally, in a finale that’s equal parts Spike Jones, Heath Robinson and Bastille Day.
The Herald *****
t’s amazing what people can do with a couple of boards full of nails and two violin bows or a length of plumbing and half a dozen thumbs, or four pots and a snooker ball.On a stage that resembles a cross between a scrap metal yard and the biggest Meccano set you ever saw, French company Zic Zazou create something that’s magic, fun and genuinely surprising. Rob Adams

By accident or design, these men are somehow blue-collar socialist folk songwriters of the industrial age.
The Scotsman ****
This is one of those pleasing performance pieces that turn up by the very small handful every August in Edinburgh. Possibly of initial interest only to the few who are intrigued by the high concept, they prove to be the kind of shows that any audience will marvel readily at, like, for example, past spectaculars such as Stomp or Fuerzabruta. Brocante Sonore: The Mechanicians deserves success simply thanks to its sheer ambition and the flawlessness of its execution. David Pollock

Extraordinary, exhilarating, exhaustive: a frenzy of free-wheeling invention.
Three weeks *****
Within the set's factory floor confines (like a re-realisation of Terry Gilliam's 'Brazil' by Jean Pierre Jeunet), maestros play boxes with hammers, nails with bows, pipes, tubes and chair legs with hefty gusts of breath; they blow into glowing conches, ring buzzers, clatteringly pour beads down metal chutes and, occasionally, deign to play conventional instruments. The result stupefies for, improbably, it is beautiful. J Kerridge - Phipps

These guys make a junkyard sound beautiful!
Broadway Baby ****
their technical skill is phenomenal, especially when playing drainpipes, nails, metal chutes, and where multi-player co-ordination is involved. Their timing is impeccable, their stage antics highly entertaining. The sense of ensemble is comparable to that of the Berlin Philharmonic – and there’s no conductor.

Good for the heart and soul and the whole family.
The British Theatre Guide *****
The stage is littered with - instruments? Instruments made out of just about everything that you can think of; tubes and pipes, drills and chairs, rocks and boxes, pots and pans, bits of wood and metal, balloons and clocks and gears; even pieces of real musical instruments, whole or refashioned. They even sing a little. Some if is not so much music as a fascination of noise while at times quite beautiful.
Here again is an example of total theatre. Good for the heart and soul and the whole family. Catherine Lamm

Go see this! Then accompany your dad down to the shed!
Edinmburgh Festivals *****
The tunes are ace, the techniques ingenious and often wonderfully off-the-wall, and their skill as musicians alone is superhuman (I am not joking – there is a moment where one ‘mechanician’, using a blown-up party balloon like a sort of rudimentary bag-pipe, squeaked out the melody from La Vie on Rose. A balloon!), but what makes this production so enjoyable and so darn-tooting clever is the concept. Liz Rollo

Disney meets Tarantino as nine “mechanics” in blue overalls amble into a dusty, cluttered workshop
What's on stage ***
This has to be the crucible that spawned the “beautifully arranged” car advert. Need a piccolo? Drill a few holes in a thin pipe and bingo, sweet, sweet music. Need strings? Stretch them between nails in an upturned box. Need… wait a minute… how did they realise they needed the sound of an electric drill eating into a frying pan? Ros Aveling


French Newspapesr

"Not grating but enchanting our ears... from cacophony comes harmony...This is high art; chaos mastered."
Le Canard Enchainé – Daily satirical paper

"In Zic Zazou you'll discover Tati & Zappa, Chaplin & Pierre Henry, Roudoudou & Edgare Varese. An enterprise full of freshness, joy and virtuosity… an example in the world of music for laughs."
Le Figaro – National Daily Broadsheet

"Behind these workers in overalls and welding goggles hide virtuoso soloists and experienced composers – pure delight."
L'Express – Weekly current events magazine

"A musical mystery tour both droll & dreamlike. Magnificent scenery bathed in lightness... and dark."
Télérama – Weekly TV, Cinema & arts review

"Brocante Sonore is first and foremost a revelation : music is not reserved for the elite and the odd Stradivarius, it's open and accessible to everyone."
L'Humanité – National Daily

"Our heart's choice for 2007!"
France Inter – Quality national radio.

"Ingenious, playful, poetical; connoisseurs will appreciate the performance, others will be entranced by the magic of it."
La Vie – Christian, humoristic weekly magazine

"A sound factory – the like of which you'll never have seen – and you'll never see again!  A veritable workers' opera."
La Nouvelle Vie Ouvrière – Trade Union weekly

"A show where effort and danger coexist with wonder and friendship."
France Musique – National classical radio station