Clap's !

teaser de clap's

Clap's !

Coproduction Zic Zazou and Lutherie urbaine

Tribute to Ennio Morricone

Zic Zazou and Lutherie urbaine have in common their taste for the do-it-yourself and the construction of instruments from salvaged materials.

When they play their own compositions or, for Clapperboards, revisit the scores of the big Ennio Morricone whose extremely famous airs are in all the heads, it is not to settle down classically behind the drums or the piano, seize the violin or the guitar. No, their instruments, they are rather horseshoes, jaws of donkey, vapori-sateurs, musical saws or hammers.

On stage two Zics, two Urbains and a sound-effects engineer of cinema mix not only the talents, but also the registers, the music, the theater or the video.

This concert, totally poetic, is a tribute in the baroque universe of these movies which so much stood out to us: spaghetti westerns of course, but also science fiction, macabre films, movies which frighten.