Zic Zazou En harmonie

En Harmonie

In this crazy performance, ZIC ZAZOU play in a very British and very rare style in France: musical humor for a great concert orchestra The serious concert is soon disturbed by noisy blue collar workers who intend to play with the band  .. with their tools ..

Amplified by the mass of sound and quality of the musicians of a classical  brass band, the funnymusic lesson, practical jokes sound, harmonic traps and diversions of melodies deserve the laughter and the applause of the audience surprised and charmed.Spike Jones 's ghost is certainly flying around.

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Zic Zazou en Harmonie c'est... Jean-François Hoël, Hervé Mabille, Patrice Boinet, Pierre Denis, Bruno Hic, Frédéric Obry, Alain Graine, François Trouillet, Michel Berte et tous les musiciens de l’orchestre d’harmonie, son : Jean-Luc Mallet, création lumière : Gilles Robert, crédits photos : À l'affiche à Manosque et Harmonie de St Pierre.