The 7th continent orchestra

The big orchestra of the 7th continent

The musicians of the orchestra of a luxury liner derive on a raft of fortune.

During the wreck they saved some instruments, thin comfort to occupy the time which does not stop it passing whereas the raft derives and sinks in immense one floating trash can, the famous 7th continent, this gigantic heap of waste produces by the human activity.

The thirst, the hunger, the boredom, the despair tap them..

The solidarity, the game, the humor and the desire to bring out there help them to hold.. But how long...

Mise en scène : Hervé Germain, Scénographie : Stéphane Fauchille, Musique : Pierre Denis, Hervé Mabille et Philippe Mallard, Création Lumière : Gilles Robert, Création son : Jean-Luc Mallet, Avec : Michel Berte, Patrice Boinet, Pierre Denis, Bruno Hic, Hervé Mabille, Philippe Mallard et, Crédit photos : Michel Gombart.