The Proof by 9 (stage version)

The Proof

(stage version of The Proof by 9, street show)

Peddlers of sounds, grinders of rumours(noises), ravaudeurs of smiles, 9 musicians to make everything and their equipment, real musical odds and ends, transform the stage a funny construction site(work) … The purpose of these craftsmen(architects) of a new kind ? Put the music within the reach of all, because contrary to preconceived ideas, it is easy and cheap! And count on them, they will know how to give evidence to you of it!

In this show, Zic Zazou wishes to work the sound object in the rough, to stay in the state of mind of the version kick, keep the same energy and especially propose another way of listening to.

Generosity in the exchange with the public, the humor, the pedagogy.

The public is invited to open big, eyes and ears, because the main part lies in the musical and visual proposal.

The object is not amplified nor glorified, it is the just truth.

La Preuve par 9