Le Kiosque

French eccentricity with theatrical street music band Zic Zazou and their incredible self-propelled « Kiosque » - a roving traditional circular bandstand complete with exhilarating party band, pyrotechnics and spécial effects. Hilarious and unpredictable, watch out for the runaway Kiosque as it casts off its mooring ropes and absconds with the musicians on this crazy voyage.

The bandstand of Zic Zazou is mobile !!!


« As at the best of times on public holidays, Zic Zazou brought the music to the audience ; it twas « the » High spot of the evening ».

« Clad in blue overalls and engine-drivers’ caps’ bearing the badges of municipal brass bands, the eleven members of Zic Zazou use hammers and saws to make music that others make with tubas, drum-kits and trombones. »

Le kiosque ou .. la fanfare oubliée

Le kiosque et le ballon


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Zic zazou : Michel Berte - Patrice Boinet - Pierre Denis - Xavier Denis - Julien Derrey - Alain Graine - Bruno Hic - Jean-François Hoël - Hervé Mabille - Frédéric Obry - François Trouillet - Director : Alain Mollot - Scenography : Bertrand Siffritt Décor et cie Yves Guyart - Music : Jean-François Hoël - Hervé Mabille - Pierre Denis - Frédéric Obry - Photos : Christophe Beaussart - Ville de Dijon - eyestalks.network