The Proof

La Preuve par 9

Sound peddlers, noise grinders, smile menders, 9 musicians of all trades and their Tools, true musical bric-a-brac, change the city into a strange mess.

What is the aim of these workmen of a new kind ?

To transmit a knowledge, to share their experiences and their tricks.

With them, you can buy brass instruments at the plumbing department, sometimes the concerns the drums, the urban surroundings is full of propositions.

Their slogan : « Music is not complicated and you’ve got all you need at home to start »

And to proove that the all thing is not just an argument, a huge joke, the public will have the final note.


Christalines live in Edinburgh

J'ai joué avec Zic Zazou



Zic zazou : Michel Berte - Patrice Boinet - Pierre Denis - Alain Graine - Bruno Hic - Jean-François Hoël - Hervé Mabille - Frédéric Obry - François Trouillet - Director : Hervé Germain - Scenography : Stéphane Fauchille - Music : Jean-François Hoël - Hervé Mabille - Pierre Denis - Frédéric Obry - Musical objects Maker : Alain Graine - Photos : Michel Gombart