In Obstinato, Zic Zazou take their exploration of music and sound to a new level, tapping with brilliance into a rich seam of talent to create a spectacle that is even more poetic and inspired, a scene that is totally in tune with the Age in which we live and that generates even richer imagery. ZicZazou never fail when it comes to ingenuity in finding hidden musical potential in a host of different objects, but it is the music itself, along with the props that provide the context, that show so clearly this time how much this is a team creation.

Zic Zazou have managed to get right back to their roots and the band has succeeded in creating a truly powerful, spectacular show that packs a few surprises too. After 30 years in the music scene,  they perform together like fingers on a hand -  they could do the gig with their eyes shut.

Bande annonce

La valse en bouteille

Le Clan des Siciliens

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La valse des sifflets :

Zic zazou : Michel Berte - Patrice Boinet - Pierre Denis - Alain Graine - Bruno Hic - Jean-François Hoël - Hervé Mabille - Frédéric Obry - François Trouillet - Director : Jean-Pierre Bodin - Scenographers : Stéphane Fauchille - Gilles Robert - Music : Jean-François Hoël - Hervé Mabille - Pierre Denis - Xavier Denis - Frédéric Obry - Musical objects Maker : Alain Graine - Sound designer : Jean-Luc Mallet - Light designer : Gilles Robert - Photos : Michel Gombart - Laurent Rousselin - Grégory Brandel